Youtube to mp4 converter

Youtube to mp4 converter


Are you looking for a quick and reliable way to download videos from YouTube to your computer? If so, a YouTube to MP4 converter is the right solution for you. With the help of these converters, you can easily save your favourite videos into a format which is convenient for you to watch on your computer or other devices. This article gives you an overview of these converters and explains how they work, as well as the benefits of using them.

YouTube to MP4 converter is a powerful and easy-to-use tool which can be used to extract the audio in MP4 format from any YouTube video. This versatile converter allows users to save YouTube videos in high-resolution formats such as HD, 3GP, AVI, FLV and MP4, which makes it perfect for storing and enjoying videos offline. It also does the opposite – MP4 to YouTube, which allows users to upload their favorite videos to the streaming platform. Thanks to its simple user-friendly interface, you can convert any YouTube video into the desired MP4 format in no time!

How to Use YouTube to MP4 Converter

Step 1: Choose online converter

There are a number of reliable online converters that can easily convert YouTube videos to MP4 format. To find one, do an online search and evaluate the different sites recommended. Be sure to choose a reputable site and read the site’s terms and conditions before proceeding.

Step 2: Copy URL of YouTube video

Once you have chosen the converter you want, then you can move to the next step. In this step open the YouTube video of your choice in your browser and copy its URL.

Step 3: Paste URL of YouTube video into online converter

Using the URL you copied in the previous step, paste this URL into the online converter’s address bar. This will open the video in the converter window.

Step 4: Choose desired output format

Once the video is opened, select the output format you want for the video. The most common output format is MP4 that can be used on multiple devices.

Step 5: Click convert button

After selecting the output format, click the “Convert” button. This will start the process of conversion and the video will be saved as an MP4 file on your computer.

Different types of youTube to MP4 Converter

Offline Converters

Offline converters are the software-based converters which enable you to download and convert the YouTube videos into MP4 format without the need of an active internet connection. These converters come with various features like customizing speed and quality of downloads, batch downloading multiple videos simultaneously, etc. The only drawback of offline converters is that they require more storage space on your device than online converters and also require the installation of additional software and configuration of settings.

Online converters

Online converters are the simplest and quickest way to convert YouTube videos into MP4 file formats. All you need is a stable internet connection to use the online YouTube to MP4 converters. These converters provide you with a wide range of options and features like customizing video quality, batch downloading multiple files at once, etc. The main disadvantage of online converters is that the videos have to be downloaded one by one and also the website may contain ads or promotional pop-ups.

Video Downloaders

Video downloaders are the programs designed to download the YouTube videos into MP4 formats directly from the source. These programs come with multiple features like multiple speeds, options to customize the download quality, etc. Unlike online converters, video downloaders provide the ability to accelerate the download speed of your videos and also allows you to download multiple files at once. The main drawback of these programs is that they require additional software and configuration of settings for the successful downloading of videos.

Advantages of Using YouTube to MP4 Converter


One of the main advantages of using a YouTube to MP4 converter is convenience. With a few clicks of a mouse or taps of a finger, users are able to download any YouTube video or audio clip to their device in MP4 format. This eliminates the need to visit different websites to view or stream the video or audio clip, as users can now store and watch their favorite videos directly from their device.

High-Quality Content

YouTube to MP4 converters can also offer a host of high-quality content. As most YouTube content is originally produced in High Definition, the downloaded audio or video is also of high quality as it is converted to MP4 format. This high-quality content ensures that users get a crisp, clear sound and high-resolution video.

Compatible Format

MP4 is a widely-used format that is supported by most media players and devices. Thus, users don’t have to worry about compatibility issues when they use a YouTube to MP4 converter. The MP4 format ensures that the audio or video content is playable on any device. Saved Time: Additionally, using a YouTube to MP4 converter helps users save a considerable amount of time. Instead of streaming the content on YouTube, users can instantly download it in MP4 format which can be accessed and played almost immediately.


Downloading audio or video content using a YouTube to MP4 converter is much faster than streaming online. Thus, users can get their favorite content in a matter of minutes, depending upon their Internet connection.

Cost Efficiency

Lastly, using a YouTube to MP4 converter is also beneficial in terms of cost efficiency. As users don’t have to pay for streaming services or Internet packages, they can save a lot of money and still have access to their favorite content.

Disadvantages of Using YouTube to MP4 Converter

Consumption of Resources

Using a YouTube to MP4 converter usually takes up a lot of system resources even when running on a powerful computer. While downloading and converting large YouTube videos, this may also cause other applications on the computer to respond slowly. This consumption of resources could cause a performance dip in the system or even a system crash at times.

Format Issues

Sometimes, when the output of the converter is a video of MP4 format, the video may be distorted or have sound that is not clear. This usually depends on the quality of the converted video and the precision of the converter used. Over time, certain YouTube videos may also see variations in the quality of this conversion, making it difficult to export a good quality MP4 video.

Saving and Storage

Saving and storing the converted YouTube MP4 files may require large space for storage, depending on the length of the video. This could also be problem for a user when large RAM memory or hard drive space is not available on the device they are working on. Even though the conversion is fast, the use of storage from the device could prove to be an issue.

Virus and Privacy Issues

At times, downloading the YouTube video to an MP4 format may require the use of converters that are not secure. This may put the user’s device at risk of viruses and malware which could cause serious security issues. Furthermore, downloading from some websites may also involve a breach of the website’s privacy policies, leading to various risks to persoanl user data.


In conclusion, YouTube to MP4 converter is a great tool for people who need to download and save online videos as MP4 files for free. It is fast, user-friendly, and reliable. It requires no registration and allows you to process large files with no difficulty. By converting YouTube videos to MP4, users are no longer bound to the internet for streaming, as they can enjoy the videos offline too. Overall, YouTube to MP4 converter provides an easy and efficient way to save online videos for free.


Q1. What is the best way to convert YouTube videos to MP4?

A1. The best way to convert YouTube videos to MP4 is by using a reliable and trustworthy online YouTube to MP4 converter. These converters are typically free to use and offer a quick and effortless way to convert YouTube videos into the desired file format.

Q2. Does it cost money to use a YouTube to MP4 converter?

A2. Most YouTube to MP4 converters offer their services for free though some may contain advertisements or require registration to use them. It is important to check the converter’s terms and conditions before using it as some may charge a fee for premium features.

Q3. Is it safe to use YouTube to MP4 converters?

A3. Yes, it is safe to use YouTube to MP4 converters as long as you are using a reliable and trustworthy one. Before using the converter, it is important to make sure that it is safe and that the converter is not asking for any personal information such as passwords or bank details.

Q4. How long does it take to use a YouTube to MP4 converter?

A4. The amount of time it takes for a video to be converted depends on the size of the file and the internet connection speed. Generally, YouTube to MP4 converters are quite quick and the video is usually ready within minutes.

Q5. Can YouTube to MP4 converters be used to download videos from other websites?

A5. Generally, YouTube to MP4 converters are designed for YouTube videos only and not for videos from other websites. There are some converters which can be used to download videos from other websites, but it is still advisable to use a specific converter from that site.

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