What Does Throwing Up 4s Mean

What Does Throwing Up 4s Mean

Throwing up 4s is a popular hand gesture in many cultures around the world. Whether you live in the United States, Europe, or even parts of Asia, you’ve likely seen someone throw up the 4s or heard it referred to in music or slang. But what does throwing up 4s actually mean? This article will explain the various interpretations of the gesture, its origins, and the many contexts it is used in.

Origin of Throwing Up 4s

Throwing up 4s is a popular dance move that involves throwing up four fingers and quickly alternating them with your other hand. It has become a staple of many dance performances, making appearances at events such as The X Factor, America’s Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance. The origin of throwing up 4s can be traced back to the early 2000s in the hip-hop and rap community. It is believed to have originated as a hand signal to show respect and admiration toward the performer. The gesture was a way of showing solidarity and unity amongst the audience and performers.

Origin of Throwing Up 4s

In addition to being a sign of respect, throwing up 4s also became a way for dancers to show off their skills and express themselves. It became a popular move to incorporate into various dance routines, making it an integral part of many performances. With its increasing popularity, the move has been adopted by various cultures and countries, making it a global phenomenon.

Throwing up 4s is now a popular move that continues to evolve and be incorporated into various dance styles. It has become an essential part of many dance performances and continues to bring joy to audiences all over the world.

What Does Throwing Up 4s Mean Actually

The phrase “throwing up 4s” is a popular slang phrase that is used to refer to showing pride in one’s hometown and/or culture. It has become closely associated with rap culture, but the phrase can mean different things to different people.

Representation of the 4 Elements

The most common interpretation of throwing up 4s is the representation of the four elements of hip-hop: MCing (rapping), DJing, B-boying (breakdancing), and graffiti writing. The number four is used to symbolize these four elements, and by throwing up 4s, one is showing pride in hip-hop culture.

Representation of the 4 Elements in Rap Culture

In rap culture, throwing up 4s is also a way to show love and respect to one’s hometown and/or culture. This can be seen in the lyrics of many rap songs, where the artist is throwing up 4s to represent their hometown or their culture. For example, in the song “4s Up” by rapper Big Sean, he throws up 4s to show love for his hometown of Detroit. Throwing up 4s can also be used as a show of solidarity between different communities and cultures, as it is a unifying symbol that can show that everyone is on the same team.

Significance of Throwing Up 4s

Throwing up fours is a hand gesture widely used by people to show respect and solidarity to their culture and community. It is particularly popular among African American and Jamaican communities, as well as other minority groups. The gesture involves raising both hands with four fingers extended, which has come to symbolize unity and solidarity.

Symbolism of unity and solidarity

In the African American community, the gesture has been seen as a sign of strength, representing the resilience and determination of the culture. By throwing up fours, individuals are showing their commitment to the community and the shared beliefs and values that unite them. It is a powerful symbol of resistance and unity, and a way of showing pride in one’s identity and heritage.

Representation of a subculture

In addition to being a symbol of unity, the gesture has also come to represent a subculture. It has been used in music videos, graffiti art, and other forms of expression to represent the culture. By throwing up fours, individuals are showing that they identify with a particular subculture and are proud of the unique qualities that it brings. This gesture has become a powerful way to express individuality and pride in one’s identity.

In short, throwing up fours has come to symbolize unity and solidarity among African American and other minority communities. It is a powerful symbol of resistance and pride in one’s identity, as well as a representation of a particular subculture. By throwing up fours, individuals are showing their commitment to their culture and community, as well as their pride in their unique identity.


Throwing up 4s has become a popular way to show appreciation and admiration for individuals or groups. The symbolic gesture encompasses many positive emotions, including pride, respect, joy, and celebration. The act of throwing up 4s has evolved from a simple hand sign to an international symbol of unity and solidarity. From a simple gesture of friendship to a global symbol of respect, throwing up 4s has become an important part of many people’s culture and traditions. It is a powerful and inspiring way to show respect, appreciation, and admiration for friends, family, and communities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is throwing up 4s a popular expression?

Yes, throwing up 4s is a widely-used expression, particularly in the hip hop and rap music community. It is often used to show respect for someone who has achieved something significant or noteworthy.

What other ways can you show respect and admiration?

You can show respect and admiration in many ways, such as through verbal praise, clapping, or even hugs. The important thing is to convey your message in a way that is genuine and sincere.

Is it disrespectful to throw up 4s?

No, throwing up 4s is not disrespectful. It is an expression of appreciation and admiration, and is typically done in a respectful manner.

Is it appropriate to throw up 4s in all situations?

No, throwing up 4s is not appropriate in all situations. It is important to consider the context and the individual you are showing respect and admiration to before doing so.

Can throwing up 4s be used in a business setting?

Yes, throwing up 4s can be used in a business setting, as long as it is done in a respectful manner. It is important to use discretion when using this expression and to make sure that it is appropriate for the situation.

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