All You Need to Know about Persian Culture

All You Need to Know about Persian Culture

Persian culture is one of the oldest cultures in the world. The beauty of this culture is that it has kept its identity in the modern world. It is a vibrant culture with enriched art and traditions. From Poetry to music and from architecture to infrastructure, Persian culture has impacted other cultures too. To understand this culture, you must indulge in the Persian language. The culture can be best understood in the native language. Let’s explore the unique Persian culture. 


Another name for Persian is Farsi. Approximately, 11O million people around the world speak this language. People living in Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, and Turkmenistan widely speak this language. Farsi has been written in Arabic script since the 7th century. Moreover, it has taken many loan words from the Arabic language. Therefore, if you want to differentiate Arabic from the Farsi language then Arabic translation services can be of great help. 

Art and Architecture 

The Persian was the largest and one of the most powerful empires of its time. Its legacy is still shown today in the architecture, literature, and art of the region. Persian architecture is famous for its beautiful designs, vibrant colors, and magnificent craftsmanship. 

You can easily differentiate Persian architecture because of its arches, domes, and elegant title work. An example of a beautiful Persian architect is the mausoleum of Shah Cheragh in Shiraz, Iran. To understand the intricate and elegant architecture work, you must take assistance from translation companies.

Windmills Technology 

The technology of windmills originated from windsails. They were used for pulling the ships. The first automatic windpower for helping in manual works like pumping water and grinding grains originated from Persia. Moreover, the working of an anemone windmill which is a vertical-axis wind turbine was documented 1500 ago and it is still used in Iran with the same functioning. 


Persian Literature is one of the oldest pieces of literature in the world. It is dated back to thousands of years. This literature has also influenced other cultures. The renowned ancient poets like Hafez and Rumi are also from Persian culture. The influential literary work is Shahnameh. The poet Abolqasem Ferdowsi wrote this book between 977-1010 CE. If you have a love for literature then you must take assistance from Farsi translation services and enjoy the literature work of Persian culture. 


The history of Persian music is dated back to the prehistoric era. The iconic king Jamshaid invented Persian music. Ancient Persians have an elaborate musical culture. This musical culture is famous for poetic lyrics and melodious rhythms. The instrument used in this music is the santur. It is a kind of hammered dulcimer. Persian music has also influenced the music of different cultures like Flamenco and Indian music. 


Persian food usually includes tender cuts of meat, different spices like saffron and turmeric, and flavored rice. They also love eating kababs and stews. Persian people use fresh ingredients in cooking. Every dish that they prepare is unique and delicious. Many other cuisines of the world like Turkish, Indian, and Azerbaijani is also influenced by Persian cuisine. 


Persian people love their families. They give respect to their grandparents and like to live together. From eating food to celebrations of the different festivals, they like to do together. In short, Persian culture is based on collectivism. 


Persian people are very hospitable. They welcome the guests very warmly. They start the conversation first and ask the people about their origin and from where they came. If you get a chance to live with them then Persian made delicious homemade meals for you and ensure that you feel comfortable. 


Persians love socializing which is why they spend most of their time with their families and friends. One of the famous traditions of the Persian people is Taarof. This tradition focuses on social interactions. Thus making the Persian culture very warm and hospitable. 

Holidays and Celebrations 

Persian people celebrate festivals and holidays with enthusiasm. The Persian new year starts at the beginning of spring and they enjoy the holiday of Nowruz which is the new year holiday. The other holiday that they celebrate is Mehregan. It is the season between Summer and Winter. 

Persian Weddings 

In Persian Weddings, the expense of the wedding is borne by the Grooms family because the Brides family has already given the dowry. It includes all the household goods that are required to start a new life. 

Persian Heritage

The diverse Persian heritage includes pottery calligraphy and beautiful carpets. Persian Pottery is very ancient and it includes statues of animals. Because of its uniqueness, it has made its way to different museums like British Museum, Hermitage Museum, and the Royal Ontario Museum.

Persian Calligraphy is called Nasta and its history is dated back to the pre-islamic era.  Persian carpets are famous around the world because of their beautiful designs and vibrant cultures. They are made from natural wool. The unique Persian heritage differentiates it from other cultures of the world.

Wrapping Up 

Persian culture is old and unique. The best part of this culture is that despite being old, it has kept its identity. What do you like most in Persian culture? 

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