[A detailed guide] Hulu 406 error

Hulu Error Code 406

How to solve the issue of the Hulu 406 error? [Solutions to try]

Are you not able to stream videos because of Hulu 406 error? Is this error code troubling your? If yes then get solutions for this error code from this blog:

On the HULU app, it is a common to witness some error codes while streaming. These codes can prevent you from streaming the videos. One of them is error code 406 which occurs suddenly while watching videos on the HULU app. c In this blog, let’s learn about the solutions that will help to fix error code 406 of HULU:

Why Hulu 406 error occurs?

The occurrence of this error code on HBO can be because of different reasons. However, when this error hits, it creates a problem during the streaming of the videos. Let’s discuss some of the reasons that cause problems and error code 406:

Issue of network connection

You must know that to function the HULU app on your device, you need to have a strong internet connection. If there’s a slow or too weak connection then your device won’t be able to connect to the server. As a result of the network connection, you get to see the error code of 406 on the screen.

Outdated HULU app

If we are talking about the error code 406 then an outdated version of the application can be a reason for this. For smoothing functioning, you will require some latest features of the app that are available only with the updated version. Whenever there’s a lack of features due to using an older version of the app, you will get the issue of this error code.

If the HULU app is corrupted

When you download the app, some of the features don’t get downloaded. In simple words, the software of the app gets corrupted during the downloading process. As a result of this, you will sometime have to see this error code on the screen.

HULU app’s server outage

Another core reason is the server outage that ultimately stops the streaming of the videos on HULU. When this happens, you will get to see the 406 error code on the device’s screen. This is mainly a technical glitch that happens at the HULU’s server side. However, you cannot do anything to fix the server outage. As it happens from the server’s end, you will have to wait for some time so that it can get fixed by itself.

How can I rectify this error code 406 on HULU?

From the above, we got to know about the potential reasons that cause the 406 error code. Now, let’s find out solutions that can rectify this error code with ease:

1.     Try rebooting of the device and the internet

If you’re looking for a simple solution then rebooting is the best option that also shows effective results. To do so, you’ll have to close the Hulu app and then turn off the device on which your are streaming the video.

After this, you will also have to switch off your modem to disconnect the internet connection. Now, wait for some time and restart the device and internet connection again. This entire process is known as rebooting that will help in fixing the Hulu error code 406.

2.     Reinstallation of the Hulu app

Another easy solution that will be beneficial is re-installation of the HULU app. This works the most in case of corrupted HULU software. If you have tried many other solutions but nothing worked then try to uninstall and then reinstall the HULU app on your device. This will surely help you in getting rid of the error code 406 on the HULU app.

3.     Removing cache from the web browser

If you are using HULU on a laptop then cache on the browser can be problematic for you. Due to this, witnessing the error code 406 is common. So, all that can solve this issue of cache is the removal of junk files from the cache. On your browser, you need to look for the ‘more options’ to find ‘clear my browsing history’. Once you are there, you just need to tap on this option to delete all the temporary files that are saved on the browser.


Hulu 406 error can occur anytime and stop your streaming videos. This error code indicates any issue with the network connection, server and outdated version of the app. In this blog, we have discussed some of the main reasons behind this error code. Also, you’ll find out simple solutions to get it fixed immediately.

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